Introduction to Cryptography (2014-2015)

Lecturer: Dario Fiore, IMDEA Software Institute

Timetable: First semester, once per week (2 hours), from October 2nd to December 16th, 2014.

Current plan: Oct 2, 7, 21, 28. Nov 11, 18, 25. Dec 2, 9, 16. Time: 5pm-7pm.

Where: IMDEA Software Institute‘s building, Room: 379 (3rd floor)

Note: date, time and place have changed! (before it was Thu 7pm-9pm).

Office hours: after every class, otherwise on appointment.

Course Outline

Cryptography is a fundamental tool for protecting information and communication in computer systems. This course is a graduate-level introduction to cryptography, suitable for students interested in mathematics and computer science. The course will primarily focus on definitions and constructions of various cryptographic primitives, including pseudorandom generators, pseudorandom functions, encryption schemes, digital signatures and message authentication codes. Students will learn how to reason about the security of cryptographic constructions and how to properly use these constructions in real-world applications. No prior knowledge of cryptography is required, as well as no formal mathematical prerequisites are needed. However, mathematical maturity (e.g., reading and writing proofs) is expected.


Credits: 2 ECTS Language: English Assessment Method: Periodic exercise sheets

References: most of the material is covered in: Introduction to Modern Cryptography, by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell. Other useful readings: lecture notes by Yeveniy Dodis, A number theory primer by Dana Angluin.

Lecture Summaries